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Give your opinion with Emapic

Emapic tries to facilitate the representation on maps of the knowledge, opinions and feelings of the citizens worldwide, respecting the privacy of their personal details.


and define a position

Through different geolocation methods, and always with the authorisation and confirmation of the user, the answers generated with Emapic are positioned on a map.


What can you do with Emapic

At present we introduce an alpha version with certain limitations as far as the creation of questions and analysis of the answers, but we continue working in order to have new functionalities very soon.

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Create a user account in a quick and easy way

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Create your survey

Design your own survey with one or various questions in which you select the answer among different options

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Insert an image for each assigned option and select its colour in order to represent it on the map

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Send the survey in order to share it with whoever you want

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Show on a map the answers for each of the questions


Visualise the results by means of spatial filters and groups

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The functionalities of Emapic include very diverse scopes and needs, and therefore specific applications adapted to each feature can be developed, by means of the integration of numerous technologies , as we have been doing in some of the collaborations that we have had and have in place with different entities.


After this alpha version, we continue advancing in order to obtain better effectiveness, and therefore your comments and contributions will be of great importance to design a product better adapted to your needs. You can send your comments and/or other suggestions by sending us an email to our address, or through our source code repository in github.

In any case, our way of working is based on obtaining this in future versions of EMAPIC:

  1. Increase the number of possible question formats (multiple selection, matrix, text, date, valuation, etc.)
  2. Add new files as an answer option (videos, sound, etc.)
  3. Facilitate the communication between users of Emapic
  4. Create survey templates
  5. Add more search options in the Surveys gallery
  6. Incorporate new data analyses
  7. And much more…

Technologies used

If you want to know more about the technologies used in Emapic, click here.